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This book is a practical guide on how to attract, create and retain a relationship with your desired mentor…

Not just that…

15 of my mentors and friends contributed to the wealth of this book. That means, you are not just going to learn from me, you are learning from the wealth of knowledge of 15 different amazing minds like Niyi Adesanya, Steve Harris, Ubong King,  Bankole Williams, Remi Owadokun and so on.

Imagine who you will become when you are done reading this book and applying the principles in it. How will you feel when you have access to your desired mentor and he is doing the best s(he) can to make sure that you are better than him?

Think about it…


As soon as I dropped the book "The Millennial's Guide to Mentoring", I started implementing what I learnt from it. The principles in the book are hot like fire. I reached out to some thought leaders with my offering in the manner stated in the book, and within 30mins, I got not only my request, but also a referral. This book is loaded. I have read it over and over again. If you want your name to be carved in the minds of your prospective mentors, this book is a must-read for you.

CHAPTER 1 - What is Mentoring?

CHAPTER 2 - Difference Between A Mentor and Other Similar Concepts

CHAPTER 3 - Mentor, not A Friend.

Chapter 4 - Must I Have a Mentor?

Chapter 5 - Before you choose a mentor...

Chapter 6 - How to choose the right mentor.

Chapter 7 - How to maximize your mentoring relationship.

Chapter 8 - Managing your expectations as a mentee

Chapter 9 - Benefits of a mentor

Chapter 10 - The Do’s and Don’ts of mentorship

Chapter 11 - What do you do when your mentoring gets sour?

Chapter 12 - FAQ On Mentoring


I am a young man on this journey to discover myself and make the rest of my life the best of it but this can’t happen without standing on the shoulders of giants that are ahead of me on this journey. I have personally made mistakes when it comes to relating with mentors and this book has shown me my mistakes and how to correct them. As we speak I am currently implementing the principles Temi Ajibewa shared in this book and I am seeing HUGE results! This book is a must-read for everyone who desires mentoring.

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About The Author 

Temi Ajibewa

Stephen Akintayo

CEO, GText Group of Company

Temi Ajibewa is the Definition of Fresh Air. Her ability to inspire people to take action that will move them from where they are to where they want to be is exceptional. All my students who have gone through Temi's program always have amazing testimony to share. I recommend Temi Ajibewa for result-coaching any day or time. She is exceptional!

Praise Fowowe

Temi does the impossible with the available and makes what's common extraordinary. I have observed her over the years and I can boldly say she is one of the best you'd ever have to relate with when it comes to practical tips to solving people's problems. She comes highly recommended.

Bankola Williams

 Founder, LYD Africa

Temi is a passionate, hardworking and optimistic young lady who goes beyond the perceived impossible to achieve extraordinary results. Her goal oriented, 'never-say-die' attitude keeps her admirable and anyone who works with her will be sure to smash their goals.

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